Biozoè, vita qua vivimus

Our philosophy

The greek word ζωηZoè ,means “life” and hastwomeanings .

Bios, the "vita qua vivimus", quality life, every tipe of life , thathas a begining and an end,
Zoè, the "vita qua vivimus", essential life.

Biozoè borns in Manzano in the territory of Colli Orientali of Friuli Venezia Giulia , landsrich of handmadetradition and production. .

Biozoè made an Ethical, ecological and methodchoise, ourproducts are derived from plants and naturalmaterials, craftsmanship, organic , vegan.

Our products do not use GMO, nottested on animals , respect and protect the ambient and promote water and energysaving

Our suppliers are farmers and artisan who have special experience and qualification in the plantation and production of plants, in the artistic ability and produciotn of quality food

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the Italianheritage, enhance the biodiversity of the terrioty , the craftsmanship, the passion for the land and tirelessresearch to produce qualityproducts