Serums are cosmetics that are characterized by

high concentration of active ingredients



You absorb easily and penetrate deeper into the skin. It only takes two or three drops to treat the entire face and go lay on the skin evenly before the cream. The ideal is to use it morning and night.

Who should use them?

All depends on the serum. A concentration is not needed before 30 years of age, while later it is essential to assist to the cream. A highly moisturizing serum can be invaluable for a teenager who follows aggressive therapies for acne.

How many serum are there?

There are several types on the market.

To soothe and moisturize your skin there are Serum with Aloe, Chamomile or Borage

To lighten the spots are vitamins especially B5

For the impure samples rich in Burdock or vitamin H

For anti-aging action that hyaluronic acid

How to choose?

Best perfume-free, hypoallergenic and serums that contain few ingredients, it means that the concentration of active ingredients is higher