Although the heat, the Sun, the weekend at sea, are not coming , there's always the worm that haunts many women:
the swimsuit season!
Especially in summer the body is constantly exposed to the judgement of the people, but not only is also exposed to the Sun.
For this reason, it is now the moment we must take care of our body and we themselves.
The first rule is to be healthy and loving yourself beforehand.
Exercise, balanced diet accompanied with using specific creams can help to make it less obvious and visible orange peel skin.
Important is to change your lifestyle: having a healthy diet, regular and balanced, rich in fruits and vegetables, limiting the use of salt and of all foods that increase water retention.
Paramount is making a constant and regular physical activity to improve circulation, reduce the accumulation of fat and speed up metabolism. 
Useful is also drink lots of water and draining herbal teas during the day to help the Elimination of liquids, decrease smoke, alcohol and coffee instead that increase retention and worsen the circulation.
For this reason Biozoè studied a body line formed by :
- draining and nourishing body cream  with aloe vera, olive oil and argan
- anticellilite cream with green and red algae, caffeine and phosphatidylcholine to counter water retention
- body scrubs for exfoliation delicate but at the same time nourishing .Thanks to the presence of sesame oil, almond and calendula and bergamot
- delicate bath foam with olive oil
- body toning oil fresh and spicy scent given by presence of Indian pink pepper essential oil essential oil and Cedar (the fruit) of the Mediterranean.