The benefits of body oil

Peculiarity of the oils is their richness in vitamins, nutrients and anti-aging components that help the skin to be more elastic, soft and especially not to miss in tone.

The body oil is a powerful ally of beauty: more hydrating cream, the high concentration of natural ingredients makes it ideal to nourish all skin types, even the most sensitive and intolerant skins.

Used since ancient times for their toning and nourishing, natural oils are a real beauty Elixir able to restore tone and elasticity to the skin of the whole body.

Characteristics of citrus body oil

Fresh citrus scent due to the presence of essential oil of Sicilian lemon, Calabrian bergamot and grapefruit to Israel were a tonic for the blood circulation and help to stimulate the skin metabolism, encouraging the renewal mobile phone, to firm and revitalize the body tissues.

The differences between body oil and cream

Although the function is the same, moisturize the skin after bathing or showering, the difference between body oil and cream there is: the first, thanks to their consistency, need the moist skin that, turning the oil into a light emulsion helps to absorb it more quickly, despite the fat.

The cream, instead being composed also by water, requires the skin completely dry. Another fundamental difference is in the type of skin: the driest skins or particularly sensitive prefer the oil because it is more nutritious, reverse speech instead for normal skin-fat.